When Life Calls i.e I don’t know What this Blog is About

You know when life keeps repeating something to you over and over again, telling you through various random signboards and mouthpieces that you need to do something? And so you blindly engage not really sure about where any of this is supposed to lead but certain that maybe if you do go ahead with it the random stalking will stop?

Here I am. Life called about 5000 times telling me that I should be writing ( actually that was the 1st call ) and then proceeded to ask me over and over again (i.e the remaining 4999 calls) if I had started yet.

At first I was afraid… actually no I wasn’t but I just had to say that you know .. I will survive.. Gloria Gaynor.. all that… -You can blame it on un-diagnosed mouth diarrhea Tourette syndrome that causes me to just say the most random things out of left field for the simple reason that if I don’t I’ll probably die of Itching Tonguitis-

Where was I? .. Right – At first, I ignored it, then dismissed it. Eventually I started one and it was about 1 paragraph into the first blog post that I abandoned it and moved on with my ‘I have better things to do with my life’ illusion. The stalking calmed down for a while (or so I thought) only to come back in full force until in half a daze I found myself admitting : I have to start a blog.

And so one afternoon, drinking coffee while munching on 3 ingredients flour-less peanut butter cookies  (they’re SO good!) I started a blog.

I don’t know where this is supposed to lead but I can definitely say life called and I answered.


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