Life Wins : It’s Inevitable

One look at the world today and you realize : there’s so much healing to be had. There’s so much anger, resentment, moronic behavior fueled by the disillusion of broken dreams … broken promises… broken hearts.

It’s like we’re stuck in this deep ass ditch, piled up on each other – trying to climb one another to get out or even just get a whiff of fresh cleansing air. It’s straight out of a Walking Dead episode -or anything involving Zombies really- we either belong to the group of bodies who died long ago and are now roaming the Earth apathetically, only sustained by borrowing energy and life out of the other group – the living, the ‘healthy’, the ‘normal’ – accidental opponents who still have fight in them and survive thriving on an endless tank of hope and faith.

We think our hard life is what defines us, almost with a twisted sense of pride as they become the scars that prove we were in battle whether we made it or not. We’re so used to the drama, the almost, the abuse, the falls – and we’re so tired, emotionally exhausted but we have convinced ourselves this is life, this is love and this is our sole purpose : to try to make it until life wins since it’s inevitable.

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Maybe it’s because growing up when nothing happened for a while, another shoe was about to drop. Maybe it’s because we had no blueprint to inspire us in our formative years.

It could be because some of our brains just don’t know how to be or stay happy long enough for it to become a habit….and maybe, just maybe – the high of compassion and love that came from those empathetic to our tragedies became addictive.

Whatever it is, it’s not forever. The only constant in life is change and those who are happier are those who have mastered the art of acceptance of what is, what was and what might be. They make plans, expecting them to change and being flexible with that. They understand that what happened in their lives does not have to define them nor does it have to be relevant.

They don’t dwell, they don’t speculate, they just exist – moment by moment, one day at a time knowing that whatever happens, that too will pass.It’s inevitable.

How to be happy again? It's been so long I forget what happy feels like.

The beauty is that even though our passed tragedies are set in our history, the way we define ourselves with regards to them is entirely up to us. One look at the world today and you realize : there’s so much healing to be had. There’s so much  opportunity to release anger, to forgive and to rebuild one’s dreams, keep one’s promises, mend one’s heart.

My mama always says ‘ Don’t take life so seriously, it doesn’t last’. So you might as well just go along with it and see where it takes you because wherever you end up, whatever happens, that too will pass.

It’s inevitable.

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