Life is great… and then it isn’t… and then it’s great…and then it isn’t…

Have you ever felt like everything is great in your life? It feels like things seem to be working out effortlessly – almost as if life was conspiring for you to always come out on top and you’re UNSTOPPABLE! You can’t believe your luck but you’re riding with it because it’s been a long time coming, and, you are going to enjoy making the most of it- Darnit!

And then..just like stops.

Some random plot twist straight out of an M. Night Shyama-effin-lan happens (google him), as if somebody created a voodoo doll of you, and is now enjoying making your life unnecessarily difficult.You can’t help but think thoughts like ‘I knew it!’ or ‘ Of course it didn’t last, I’m the spawn of all the unluckiest people in the world’s history and therefore am doomed to everlasting ‘jinxity’ (<= yes I just made that up and I’m keeping it!!).

Maybe you’ve even been bracing yourself while the good was rolling in, waiting for the other shoe to drop because, well, it’s inevitable – Remember Murphy’s law : “If anything can go wrong .. it will’.

  ” Life is supposed to be peaks and valleys.The secret is to keep the valleys from becoming Grand Canyons” -Bern Williams

I know in my case I have sometimes spent a lot more time than needed in the valleys of my life, unable to let things unfold because I had convinced myself that this was the bulk of the experience : life was a super long valley with occasional peaks when and IF  you were lucky (or  the result of cynical tendencies with a serious Negative Nancy addiction ).

I truly believed it was just life showing me that striving for ‘happily ever after’ was an unrealistic (and slightly foolish) endeavor because something bad always happens – and it’s usually at what seems to be the most inconvenient of times (which is all the time when like me, you are busy actively trying to be legendary 24/7) . 

But as the good old saying goes ( excuse my French) :

Image result for shit happens

Some maturity and a dash of 20/20 hindsight later : something clicked.

For there to be life, there needs to be movement. Our bodies, for example, are intrinsically well oiled machines in constant flux 24/7 for decades at a time – sometimes even functioning more or less without blips for up to a century. Take a moment and think about that : your survival depends on this continuous activity, a non stop hustle and bustle you’re not even aware of because it’s such an inherent part of your human experience.

You forget that if and when the movement stops, life stops.

And so, not appreciating the contrast in your life is like not accepting the vital requirement of the resting phases between your heartbeats, unaware of the fact that without them, your heart would flatline..

You … would flatline..

Image result for life peaks and valleys

The natural course of things suggests that what goes up most come down and vice versa, so it’s not too foolish to believe that beyond the valley is another peek and things will get better because, well, it’s inevitable.

Of course it’s easier said than done, especially when going through a seriously challenging time in your life. But ‘The only constant in life is change’ (Einstein) and fact is, whatever one is going through at any given time – is temporary. It might get worse before it gets better (or not) but there will always come a point of resolution.

How you experience that process though will entirely depend on you.

Image result for Bad things happenBecause happiness is not to be found in the constant of life, rather somewhere within the pulsating motion, the rythm and unpredictable dance of all its components- peaks, valleys and all the empty spaces in between.

Now, you can either sit on the bench complaining about all the noise inquiring for it to stop….or … you can decide to enjoy the music, follow the lead and just dance along.

2 thoughts on “Life is great… and then it isn’t… and then it’s great…and then it isn’t…

    • Thank you Lis’ It can take a while but eventually, you realize that what everything is about :mastering the art of enjoying the peaks and the valleys…Amen indeed !!!


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