Overthinking: The Art of Creating Blockages

The mind.

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What a powerful, traitorous little thing. From friend to foe within what sometimes feels like seconds, it can uplift you to such wonderful heights of self-confidence and glee, only to drop you in a puddle of gooey self-misery with what seems to be no notice at all.

In this pursuit of happiness we’re all in, because truthfully this is literally the one goal all earthlings have in common, we can be so misguided through the simple act of using our mind. We can engage in self-critical chatter with our inner voice, telling ourselves things that tend to be a little exaggerated or straight up bullshit, for hours, days… months at a time. Things that we would never allow anyone to say about people we love, and yet, we comfortably sit in the silence of our own presence to bitch about everything we’re not.

And as we eventually manage to convince ourselves that these inconvenient ‘truths’ are irreversible and that we might as well put our favorite pjs on, sign up for lifelong ice-cream delivery because we’re never EVER getting out of our bedroom, our brain does what it does best: it applies. It’s like you’ve knowingly uploading a new software riddled with viruses in your computer, and every time a message pops up asking you if you are sure you want to execute that action, you click on ‘Abso-chocolatefudging-lutely! Poison the heck out of my motherboard!’.

And so, the poisonous truths you’ve downloaded have now been executed by your brain and are being applied to your motherboard : your cells, your blood, your limbs, your lungs, your heart, literally everywhere. Your whole body becomes a piece of every single thought you’ve integrated as not just true, but as your truth. You have officially become what you think.

‘The mind is everything. What you think you become’ – Buddha

And the twisted plot in this I’m-sending-this-to-M-Night-Shyamalan-because-this-could-totally-be-an-M-Night-Shiyamalan-movie scenario, you were not only in control this whole time, you had so many opportunities to stop. When the pop up message shows up on your computer, you can choose ‘no’. You can choose ‘cancel’. When your mind is turning all Darth Vader on you , breathing down your back trying to take you to the dark side of the force : why do you go along?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not talking about being clinically depressed because that is an illness. I’m not talking about grieving or getting over an emotional trauma because that is a process.

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I’m talking about overthinking for no other reason than it being a habit. I’m talking about stopping yourself from doing things you want because you’re so caught up in your head. I’m talking about avoiding mirrors because your mind actually convinced you there is nothing worth looking at.

I’m not even going to lie to you: I went through the process myself. There’was a time, I would take it way overboard, and I mean AA level like : ’Hi, my name is Kéy., and I’m an Overthinker’. Healing, only came when I integrated a new program: The I Am Not My Mind program of I Choose A Friggin’ Epic Life softwares.

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You, are not your mind either.

Because if you sit and allow thoughts to just come up, you realize you’re an observer. You are beyond your mind, you transcend it. Which means you can pick and choose which thoughts are downloaded into the application of you.

Yes, it’s a conscious decision that needs practice. Yes, it might take what feels like forever! But once you master it, can you imagine the relief? The freedom of of not being your worst enemy anymore? Of having such a strong tool as your ally? A tool that can overtake your whole body and define how you experience and present yourself in this world?

This is exactly where happiness and dreams come true are created. This, is how you change your life and eventually even change the world.

The mind, such a powerful thing.

Thoughts? ( No pun intended)

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4 thoughts on “Overthinking: The Art of Creating Blockages

  1. Overthinking haa destroyed 40 years of my life, and this article makes me wonder if that might be why I turned frequently to drugs and alcohol…..I have never gotten dependant on drugs or alcohol it was always a quick fix. It stopped the overthinking, but alcohol intenseified it and made me very very mean!!


    • Hello Bridget,

      Thank you for sharing. It’s not far fetched to believe so. When we feel overwhelmed for longer periods of time, our instinctive reaction is to seek comfort the quickest way possible. Drugs and alcohol can offer a resemblance of comfort because for a while we get to disconnect. However, the issue is that the fix is temporary and overtime our wonderful brain signals our body to adapt to this new addition which means we keep needing more to get that little moment of release. And so an self-destructive addiction is born and the source of the issue remains.

      It’s interesting the alcohol intensified things and mad eggs you mean. Almost as if it actually unveiled whatever was underlying. Maybe the overthinking was to cover up something else ? It usually is just a coping mechanism. At some point something happens that is traumatic enough that our brain finds a solution for us to be better prepared.

      If you embrace the issue though, you no longer need the coping mechanism. Alcohol, drugs included…:)


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