Mastering the art of manifesting ( Law Of Attraction)

There are so many authors and teachers who have dedicated their lives to making the information on the art of attracting things in your life. In my own experience, I do believe one can ‘manifest things’ so here’s a few places you can find some interesting information that I think can make a difference on your journey – Enjoy ūüôā

Neville Goddard :¬†This man is like the Gandalf of the Law of Attraction community. He’s at the root of the knowledge you can find in books like The Secret or teachers like Abraham Hicks. At¬†Real Neville , you can find all ¬†lectures, details about his techniques and everything you need to know to get started for free. The best book to begin with would be¬†Feeling Is The Secret¬†, it’s a quick read and full of aha moments. He’s very Christianity based, which may prove very helpful if you’re Christian… Otherwise it may be a bit off for you if you can’t shut those bits out. – There are also quite a few audio lectures available on you tube, Click here for options.

Florence Scovel Shinn: Another old school teacher for you. Though she’s also quite ‘Jesus-y’, she makes manifesting seem like it’s just a matter of speaking stuff into existence with conviction ( some might say she’s not too far off) . The Game Of Life And How To Play It¬†is a great place to start. ( Read It¬†) or The Power Of The Spoken Word.

Napoleon Hill : His book¬†Think and grow rich ¬†(Read here)¬†is a staple for anyone who wants to use their mind to live the life of their dreams. Most LOA inclined people, will tell you about this book at some point because it’s rich in information and makes the idea of becoming a millionaire a simple matter of mindset.

Tim Moore : This little book called¬†The Gentle Way¬†, has a little but significant trick called Most Benevolent Outcomes into helping you surrender. If you believe in guardian angels and don’t mind the woo woo aspect of some of the writing, it’s a quick read, the author is very friendly and replies to emails but most of all, most benevolent outcomes definitely work.

Please note that I am in no way affiliated or gain anything from posting these suggestions. They are purely based on personal experience and preference. There is a wealth of information out on the web, you may find other things that work better for you and that is all that matters.