Successful people mindset

Success definitely is a mindset. Nobody’s born with a ‘successful’ gene, though the environment definitely has an influence on one’s ability to believe if one can be successful or not. Rags to riches stories are only a reality because this ability to develop a successful mindset. There are many people that share their knowledge for free – it’s just about knowing where to find it.

Gary Vaynerchuck is a serial entrepreneur and social media genius, who’s brash and no bs. approach might seem a little abrasive to some, but the wealth of knowledge he provides along with approachable he is – make him an amazing source of free advice to develop the mindset for success. You can follow him on facebook or listen to his show where he answers people’s questions about how to be successful here

Addicted2Success this website was born out of Joel Brown’s sheer passion and desire to understand what is behind someone’s success and how to get there. His website is full of quotes, videos, success stories and advice on how to get yourself where you need to be, in the mindset you  need to be to achieve the success you envision for yourself.

Napoleon Hill‘s Law of Success  is a long ( VERY LONG) book that some consider a bible towards prosperity along with Think and Grow Rich 

Please note that I am in no way affiliated or gain anything from posting these suggestions. They are purely based on personal experience and preference. There is a wealth of information out on the web, you may find other things that work better for you and that is all that matters.