‘It works – The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True! by RHJ

Reading time investment :

Quick read ( can be done in one sitting)

What it’s about:

The power of repetition to imprint your brain and how it can help you manifest things in your life

Who it’s for :

  • People who like writing lists
  • People who are familiar with the concept of manifesting or who believe we create our reality
  • People who like a specific routine and can believe something works without necessarily having to understand why or how it works
  • People who favor easy straightforward manifesting tools

What it did for me : 

This little book is concentration of magic. It is a quick read and, if applied correctly, it can change your life because, well… It works.

I found this book at a time when my cerebral self was looking for a way to focus my intention. More than just wishful thinking, I wanted to feel like I was organizing my thoughts and visualizing at the same time. When a lot of things were going on in my life and it seemed like I had way too many eggs in my basket, this book with its simple instructions helped me identify what I wanted ( I mean reaaaaallly wanted), organize them clearly and practice the feeling of having it from a cerebral perspective.

Investment : less than 5 USD ( Available in kindle, Audible, Pamphlet)

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