I’m a transformational coach, which means my passion is to help people transform into their vision, into the person they’ve only ever dreamt to be. It’s not that I’m the second coming of Mother Theresa or anything, I just get a genuine rise out of seeing people thrive and be their best selves. I love when hard work pays off and one of the greatest compliments I can receive is to be told that something I said or did helped in making things better.

And so everything I do revolves around that core desire: I sing because it makes people feel really good ( at least for a little while), I write this blog because something in here might be the trigger to the a-ha moment that changes everything for someone, I coach because I get to witness the beauty of the human experience at its most magical moment : growth.

They say find something you love and do it. So here I am. Along with this free blog and source of information, I offer a wide array of services so you may find what suits you best if you’ve been looking for a Robin to your Batman:

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15 emails exchanges that you can use at your pace to discuss anything you’re dealing with. Great if you like to have time to integrate and process things before acting on them-

40 USD 





An opportunity to look at where your life is and how we can use your natural abilities to drive you in the right direction and/or clear blockages you might have with regards to money, relationships, self esteem… –

100 USD



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If there is an issue that keeps coming up or you want to sort a blockage out once and for all with 2 calls, 1 quick catch up and unlimited emails for 1 month – consider this the boot camp of personal growth and manifestation-

250 USD

Image result for charlie's angels silhouette90 days is enough to make significant long lasting changes in your life – This package includes 6 calls and unlimited email access as we set up the stage to living the life YOU chose – becoming you’ve always dreamed to be. It’s a quite the investment so we can work out a payment plan if you need, just let me know.

675 USD  

Click on the package name you’re interested in or here to be directed to a scheduling and payment page –
If you’re not too sure about what to expect, nor if I can even help you, schedule a free introductory call right here  – no commitment – it’s just about talking and seeing if it clicks …